Investment solutions

DMFCO offers its institutional investors the opportunity to invest in Dutch residential mortgages through one of DMFCO's mortgage funds. Within these funds, DMFCO offers two investment options: a dedicated portfolio, where investors can tailor their preferences for risk appetite and duration, or a pooled fund solution, where DMFCO manages the investment guidelines and administrative tasks.

DMFCO offers extensive governance and full transparency to investors by providing comprehensive reporting on the performance of their portfolio as well as on various environmental and social characteristics.

DMFCO can also provide investors with tailor-made investment solutions, depending on the (regulatory) requirements of the investor.

Fund solutions

Dedicated Portfolio

DMFCO is the largest platform for investing in Dutch residential mortgages with a dedicated mandate, allowing institutional investors to tailor their investments through a bespoke portfolio. With our 'bucket' system, institutional investors can customise their portfolios based on their risk tolerance, return expectations and preferred investment duration. The range of fixed interest period and risk profiles ranged from floating to fixed interest period up to 30 years and a variety of loan-to-value ratios, including NHG and non-NHG.

The structure of a dedicated mandate offers institutional investors a number of advantages:

  • Portfolio construction based on their own preferences for risk criteria and fixed interest period; and
  • The ability to adjust the investment appetite for new mortgage receivables on a monthly basis.

Investors can specify their maximum and preferred investment volumes for each bucket and adjust these monthly. DMFCO also provides expert advice tailored to individual risk appetites, desired returns and preferred maturities.

Fund solutions

Pooled portfolio

DMFCO also offers institutional investors the opportunity to invest in a pooled portfolio through the 'Dutch Mortgage Investment Fund 2024'.

The composition of the pool is based on predefined investment guidelines. The objective of these investment guidelines is to create a well-diversified portfolio of Dutch residential mortgages with an optimal risk tolerance and expected return.

Consequently, the guidelines define a maximum percentage of loans with a fixed interest period of less than 10 years and a minimum percentage of loans with a fixed interest period of 20 years or more. To ensure a balanced credit risk profile of the portfolio, DMFCO has set a minimum percentage for National Mortgage Guarantee (NHG) loans and separately for non-NHG mortgages.

The pooled portfolio offers institutional investors the following advantages:

  • Benefit from DMFCO's expertise as an investment specialist in constructing an optimal portfolio within the investment guidelines;
  • A diversified portfolio; and
  • Liquidity.
Fund solutions

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