Investing in Dutch residential mortgages

About us

DMFCO is an independent asset manager with expertise in improving mortgage loans and mortgage investments. We are able to originate substantial volumes with attractive spreads through our top-5 mortgage label. We are a strong market player with an esteemed track record and offer institutional investors flexibility and focus.

Creating value

As an asset manager, our goal is to help generate optimal revenue for our clients by investing in transparent, sustainable mortgage products. To achieve this, we build strong relationships with our investors who appreciate our commitment to actively manage their portfolios. Our investors count on us to proactively monitor market dynamics and anticipate on their changing needs.

Our relationships with mortgage consumers support the long-term sustainability of the mortgage portfolio. MUNT Hypotheken offers transparent, modern mortgage products and a swift, predictable application process, making MUNT mortgages a popular choice for independent intermediaries.

Responsible Investing

We are a modern investment company with a focus on the social and environmental impact of our investments. We integrate long-term responsibility and sustainability into our business model and provide our employees with a strong ethical framework in their daily roles. DMFCO actively pursues a policy of sustainable investment and business.

We are a member of the UN PRI (United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment). Our goal is to make things transparent, flexible and adaptive to the changing needs of our investors and mortgage consumers, while considering the social and environmental implications of the mortgages. Through fair products and rates, MUNT contributes to society’s basic need for housing. Read more about the overall ESG philosophy of DMFCO

Our story

‘Our investors have great flexibility and a
strong say in our investment strategy.’

Jeroen Looman, Partner


DMFCO is a Netherlands based asset manager and the creator of the Dutch mortgage brand MUNT Hypotheken. We are a young, growing company with various opportunities for entrepreneurial people. We (respectfully) do not believe in bureaucracy or restrictive job descriptions. We do believe in giving employees responsibility, autonomy and purpose whilst supporting them to become great at what they do.