Mortgage administration and management

Because of its combined offering of an independent asset manager and an active mortgage originator DMFCO is the best placed party for the management of third party mortgage portfolios. DMFCO can perform complete or partial management of a mortgage portfolio. DMFCO can manage the daily administration and customer contact and take care of all necessary activities concerning duty of care and compliance.

Active market participant

DMFCO is an active participant in the mortgage market with a core business of managing third party mortgage portfolios. DMFCO provides individual mortgage holders with an independent, professional, and customer-friendly single point of contact.


When DMFCO takes over management of a mortgage portfolio, the investor will no longer will have to dedicate any resources to manage the portfolio. The organization can again focus on its core tasks. DMFCO safeguards the ongoing compliance with regulatory requirements - including duty of care.


DMFCO provides periodic financial and portfolio reports and can provide a recurring valuation of the mortgage portfolio.

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