Investing in Dutch mortgages for Dutch pension funds

Dutch Mortgage Fund

The Dutch Mortgage Fund (Nederlands Hypotheken Fonds: NHF) is an investment fund which is established exclusively for Dutch pension funds. DMFCO is the asset manager and is the point of contact for all aspects concerning the investment. The NHF is investing in new mortgages originated via its label MUNT Hypotheken, and realized through a network of more than 1,700 professional intermediaries, including the offices of De Hypotheker, Hypotheekshop, Huis & Hypotheek, Hypotheek Visie, Vereniging Eigen Huis, DAK, FlexFront and Van Bruggen Adviesgroep.

MUNT Hypotheken

MUNT Hypotheken exclusively originates mortgages for the fund and the funds’ investors. We believe in the added value of advice, therefore we distribute our mortgages through independent brokers. This ensures that consumers get an optimized mortgage product at a fair price. MUNT Hypotheken offers consumers a transparent mortgage product, specifically because we offer no cross-sell options such as insurances or banking products. DMFCO and its investing pension funds have established a strong partnership with aligned long-term interests and are committed to serve customers, now and in the future.

We strive to be the best mortgage provider in the Netherlands. We aim to reach this goal by creating a perfect balance between return for institutional investors and fair and transparent mortgages for consumers.

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✔ Best Product

DMFCO offers investors a variety of options combined with optima control on their investment.

✔ Best Distribution

Based on a sophisticated distribution strategy and in-depth knowledge of the intermediary channel, DMFCO is able to provide quality mortgages quickly.

✔ Best Execution

The overall process is directed by DMFCO. Providers are selected by their track record and efficiency.

✔ Exclusivity for pension funds

The NHF is established in accordance with the specific policy and regulatory requirements for pension funds.

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